February 21, 2070

Well Onlookers, it’s that time again. When the acid rain pours from the sky and my second cup of soykaf has yet to arrive (bloody bastards are breaking the machine on purpose I just know it), time for your old chummer Curio to post the latest in the truth; straight from the mouth of the people.

So here it is:
Last month I talked about the debacle with Knight Errant traipsing into Redmond, reportedly to “curtail gang activity”. It was pretty big fuck up in that regard, but I’m beginning to wonder. Sure at the outset it looks like the sort of gung-ho bullshit Ares would pull as part of their purported bid to take over security in Seattle, but even they must have it figured; there’s just no way in hell they’re going to root out gangs with such direct force. Sure enough the gangs got all riled up and we had a little riot on our hands, no way in hell they didn’t know that was going to happen. All that got swept under the rug a week later when they pulled out and it’s left some of us wondering.
Anyway, some things I’ve heard. I’ve got numerous reports from reliable citizen sources saying they saw what looked like military transport choppers roping troops in heavy combat gear ahead of the riot squads. “Ok” you say, “old Curio is going on about the Black Helicopters again”, but this comes from a number of sources whom I trust implicitly.
So you got to wonder, what was our friend Ares after? What in Redmond warrants such blatant interference? For once I don’t have any theories, but I’ve heard some whispers.
Laura Reedman, a friend of mine who does some trade with the Rusted Stilettos tells me some of that gang’s crews have been engaged in some fierce fighting in the toxic recesses of Glow City. They’ve taken serious casualties, and had major arms shipments diverted to that area.
Also in recent news, some vigilante friends of mine, Krieger and Fulton have reported a rise in what appear to be serial killings. Seriously messed up murders; even the ghouls stay away from the corpses due to some sort of astral sign.
Worrying shit I know, and get this: A fixer friend of mine, Track, has just now informed me about a run that he fixed last week…


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