In Glow City
From Track, to Michi's Crew

Right, well I looked into that thing you encountered out in the Barrens Michi. I talked to a few people I know, and the astral signature you described is pretty unique. You may have heard rumors and conspiracy theories, but I think you’re dealing with the genuine article. Colloquially they’re called Cyberzombies, basically people with too much chrome who are kept alive by some rather sick mojo. I know one runner who tussled with one back in 63, in a raid against an Aztechnology clinic.He came out worse for wear, and lost two of his buddies to boot. They did kill it in the end though, so at least they’re not immortal. Anyway according to what I’ve read they require constant administration of medicine to maintain anything like a human outlook. I can’t believe that somebody let one of these things off its leash, as far as I can tell most of the ones that exist are purely experimental. What you described, and what I see in your recordings, is pretty much par for the course. They’re really tough, against magic and weapons, and his chrome bits are fairly high end. Anyway I’ll keep looking into whose problem this thing was originally, but my money’s got to be on Ares, what with their interest in the Barrens lately.

Anyway, if your still up for work after a drek run like that, Mr Johnson would like to meet you at an obscure little bar Downtown called Juan’s. You have to watch yourself around these Aztlaner Elites, but this one is alright I vouch for him.

Massacre in Glow City
What They Don't Want You to Know

Right watchers, your old chummer Curio has got the goods this week. Just yesterday your average everyday Seattle news outlets ignored a rather substantial piece of info. Some really glitchy shit went down in Glow City yesterday, and I know of spoke on this before but this some weird shit. Some group has a tussle with something beyond chromed is my best guess. A group of Ares Firewatch commandos was sent into one of the liminal zones around glow city, without permission from any government agency I might add, to clean up a mass deletion. I happen to have a source on the inside footing me some info. Looks like a whole mess of Yaks got kicked, looks like about 17 in total. A lot of them fell to their deaths, but at least five had been stabbed repeatedly. What was really weird though is the way they were found. The bodies were strewn around, almost ritually, and a lot of them had been mutilated. A few mages spent about 12 hours decontaminating the place. This has got to be it watchers. There are signs a firefight int his area, including a blown up van and more than a few bullet marks. Weirder still, these yaks tats and ids and the like don’t match any of the local associations, so they must be fresh off the boat. You can bet I’ll keep my eyes on this one for you.

From SnP
To Mongol

Jesus Christ Em, what the hell is this stuff you’ve been having me sling? Listen get in touch with me as soon as you can, I think somebody’s following me.

A Cry For Help
To Michi

Hey Michi, it’s me. Sorry about the dearth of jobs these last few weeks. Right now I’ve got two lined up for you. Finally got some corporate interest in your little group. That said, something’s going down and the Johnson’s arranged the meet for later this month. Meantime I got something else for you. I’d consider it a huge favor and while it is a little risky, it doesn’t involve a huge commitment of your time. An old cousin of mine has a job working for a landlord in the barrens. Of late a lot of their citizens have been killed by these weird goings on, any they’ve been blaming it on the Rusted Stilettos. Anyways, they’ve arranged a meet, and they’ve got some muscle from the Crimson Crush to handle security, mostly big orks and trolls. I figure they could use some help, low levels in that gang don’t swing for mojo and chrome ain’t cheap. Anyway, they can’t pay you, but I’d be willing to discuss whatever form of compensation you could desire, and at the very least I’d owe you a big favor. I’d really appreciate this Omae.
I hope you’re settling into the new digs well. Careful about getting too big for your britches, those community counsel types can be a pain in the ass. Don’t forget to remind your crew to pay their bills

Aztechnology Raided
Curio's Blog

Top story tonight, Watchers. A bunch of gung-ho runners broke into the Aztechnology pyramid. Must have been nuts to do something like that. That old corp has been mum, except to claim they’re holding some unlucky fool for interrogation. I’m currently looking into this, not sure what it means, but I’ll keep informed. Meanwhile my inside sources have provided me with some paydata on the status of that prison break last week. You may recall Senator Brackhaven’s drek filled diatribe about “the metahuman menace” which I won’t quote here. My sources have it, and they are damned reliable, that this prison break was orchestrated not by a bunch of metahuman delinquents, but by a mostly human gang of runners. Real professionals. Apparently they snuck into the prison, and armed the prisoners as a distraction while they extracted some VIP. it looks like Warden Bell’s bid for regional manager is going out the door. The Star comes out of this looking pretty terrible if you ask me. Finally, in case you thought I’d moved my eyes from the weirdness down in Glow City, somebody has apparently hired a damn good kick artist, because area administrators around there area dropping like flies. This week two more; Juanita Salamanca and Jonathon Dowdy fell to an assassin’s blade. I’m tempted to associate these with the recent serial killings, but that just seems unlikely. Those killing have continued with two more bodies, mangled in a ritual fashion, discovered in and around the glow. Keep your eyes on Watchers, somebody’s out to get you.

To Akiyama Jin--March 28 2070
From Traverse

Hey, my man Jin, it’s Travis. Things are coming along nicely on that little number you were looking into, getting all the licenses and stuff, but there has been a little wrinkle. I can deal with it but think we should talk. Also, if you’re up for it I might have a job for you and your buddies. If you all want to hear more drop me a line, planning to meet up at Elliot’s, it’s on the waterfront.

Let's Talk Arms
Lets Talk

>….Incoming Message>>>>> Decrypting >>>Encoding>>> Receiving >>> Opening……

To Eastwood:

Eastwood I require your unique services once more. I have come to acquire a UBL and I need the appropriate accompanying grenade supplements for its employment. I also require some information that I believe you may have access to.

No bar or middle location this time. I wish for you to meet me at my residence. I will send you my location details.

Thank You in Advance

From: Mongol

Lay Low

>>Incoming Message…Dropzone Receiving…Accessing MARCH.5.2070
>Hey crew, good work on the last job. We pulled the trigger a little too soon with the undesirable being geeked, but no worries—he was an arms dealer, how good could he have been?
Regardless, please lay low for the next little while, Lone Star is searching around for the criminal scum responsible and I prefer if they did not catch us.
I’m doing to be hanging out on the docks around Everett for a while with Travis and his Ski Gang learning the ropes on nautical enthusiasm while I get my watercraft and transporter licenses. My boat and the gear should be showing up in the next month or so.
Good news about the van fund, we have 4,600¥. Just 39,000¥ to go!
Oh, and Sakura Fujiwara “Mongol” come by and pick up your grenade thingy.
Keep in contact through the dropzone and don’t go blank on me.
>Akiyama Jin/Sasurche Otoko “Michi”

Horse's Mouth

I love the way you do business, right down to it, no fluffs.
Allow me to start by saying, yes we took the turret, and yes you can believe it.
But to go back a bit, your speculation on how the initial incident went down is spot on. or at least that is the same speculation we have. we were the runners and we got fucked in the ass.
Curio let me just say that when you fuck a stranger in the ass, regardless of whether those strangers are runners or not, you do not want to leave the ends loose.

There are three of us in the group, and we stormed their base. We got what was initially promised and a bit more. Our contract went sour and we didn’t like the jazz Hilary was playing.

I can confirm the six casualties on the base-attack portion.

I can also add that there were eight people in the van when it was ambushed by us and Hilary himself via extension. Only one survived; we let him go, blindfolded. God bless the man who survives Rusted Stilletto blindfolded.
Oh yes, R.S. were all over the carnage after we were done with it.

Regardless, that’s as much as I can give at the moment. For our future runs that might involve subjects that might interest you, I will drop you a line, maybe link a feed so you can partake as an audience. Grab some popcorns, you know. Make a night of it.

But with that given, I think I have earned my portion of the exchange. Two simple requests.

1. I want you to do in kind. I give you information. You give me information. I imagine a man of your stature and with your track-record You are well connected. I can use a connection, as someone just starting out. Regardless, we have jobs lined up and I can use network like yours.

2. I need certain information on missing people. SINNER going missing. ganger going missing. anyone anywhere goes missing. I want to know. I imagine people disappearing in this day and age isn’t anything abnormal, but anything suspicious apropos of one’s disappearance, I want to be one of the first to be on the trail sniffing for scent.

Alright those are my requests, and for your observance of them, you will be kindly rewarded.

I look forward to our amiable relationship Curio.


Curio is Curious
To J.D.

Heh, I see you caught my snooping.
I think we can cut through the introductions, I know some of your friends and you know some of mine.
I’ll bite, specifically I’d like information about the run that went down with Alexander Industries.
What is it exactly you want in return?


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