A Cry For Help

To Michi

Hey Michi, it’s me. Sorry about the dearth of jobs these last few weeks. Right now I’ve got two lined up for you. Finally got some corporate interest in your little group. That said, something’s going down and the Johnson’s arranged the meet for later this month. Meantime I got something else for you. I’d consider it a huge favor and while it is a little risky, it doesn’t involve a huge commitment of your time. An old cousin of mine has a job working for a landlord in the barrens. Of late a lot of their citizens have been killed by these weird goings on, any they’ve been blaming it on the Rusted Stilettos. Anyways, they’ve arranged a meet, and they’ve got some muscle from the Crimson Crush to handle security, mostly big orks and trolls. I figure they could use some help, low levels in that gang don’t swing for mojo and chrome ain’t cheap. Anyway, they can’t pay you, but I’d be willing to discuss whatever form of compensation you could desire, and at the very least I’d owe you a big favor. I’d really appreciate this Omae.
I hope you’re settling into the new digs well. Careful about getting too big for your britches, those community counsel types can be a pain in the ass. Don’t forget to remind your crew to pay their bills



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