Aztechnology Raided

Curio's Blog

Top story tonight, Watchers. A bunch of gung-ho runners broke into the Aztechnology pyramid. Must have been nuts to do something like that. That old corp has been mum, except to claim they’re holding some unlucky fool for interrogation. I’m currently looking into this, not sure what it means, but I’ll keep informed. Meanwhile my inside sources have provided me with some paydata on the status of that prison break last week. You may recall Senator Brackhaven’s drek filled diatribe about “the metahuman menace” which I won’t quote here. My sources have it, and they are damned reliable, that this prison break was orchestrated not by a bunch of metahuman delinquents, but by a mostly human gang of runners. Real professionals. Apparently they snuck into the prison, and armed the prisoners as a distraction while they extracted some VIP. it looks like Warden Bell’s bid for regional manager is going out the door. The Star comes out of this looking pretty terrible if you ask me. Finally, in case you thought I’d moved my eyes from the weirdness down in Glow City, somebody has apparently hired a damn good kick artist, because area administrators around there area dropping like flies. This week two more; Juanita Salamanca and Jonathon Dowdy fell to an assassin’s blade. I’m tempted to associate these with the recent serial killings, but that just seems unlikely. Those killing have continued with two more bodies, mangled in a ritual fashion, discovered in and around the glow. Keep your eyes on Watchers, somebody’s out to get you.



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