Horse's Mouth

I love the way you do business, right down to it, no fluffs.
Allow me to start by saying, yes we took the turret, and yes you can believe it.
But to go back a bit, your speculation on how the initial incident went down is spot on. or at least that is the same speculation we have. we were the runners and we got fucked in the ass.
Curio let me just say that when you fuck a stranger in the ass, regardless of whether those strangers are runners or not, you do not want to leave the ends loose.

There are three of us in the group, and we stormed their base. We got what was initially promised and a bit more. Our contract went sour and we didn’t like the jazz Hilary was playing.

I can confirm the six casualties on the base-attack portion.

I can also add that there were eight people in the van when it was ambushed by us and Hilary himself via extension. Only one survived; we let him go, blindfolded. God bless the man who survives Rusted Stilletto blindfolded.
Oh yes, R.S. were all over the carnage after we were done with it.

Regardless, that’s as much as I can give at the moment. For our future runs that might involve subjects that might interest you, I will drop you a line, maybe link a feed so you can partake as an audience. Grab some popcorns, you know. Make a night of it.

But with that given, I think I have earned my portion of the exchange. Two simple requests.

1. I want you to do in kind. I give you information. You give me information. I imagine a man of your stature and with your track-record You are well connected. I can use a connection, as someone just starting out. Regardless, we have jobs lined up and I can use network like yours.

2. I need certain information on missing people. SINNER going missing. ganger going missing. anyone anywhere goes missing. I want to know. I imagine people disappearing in this day and age isn’t anything abnormal, but anything suspicious apropos of one’s disappearance, I want to be one of the first to be on the trail sniffing for scent.

Alright those are my requests, and for your observance of them, you will be kindly rewarded.

I look forward to our amiable relationship Curio.



From: Curio
Ok I can look into missing person’s. Do you have anything more specific, something like age, metatype, nationality?
In return, I’m curious about the fates of the two missing person’s reported, what happened to them?

Horse's Mouth

_Mid 20’s, male, human; mixed asian ethnicity. possibly a hacker or a rigger. that is all the information i have been given for this lead.

_that day, after we were rightfully compensated, Hilary disappeared with who i presume to be a member, or at least at the moment of our encounter in the employ of, if not was standing in the capacity on behalf of, the Ares Corp. Let us say his demeanor was less than voluntary, but not entirely forced. He was scared. i saw he knew what fate awaited him, but for a man who tried to hoodwink us i had no sympathies.


Here’s a new drop-point we can use for communication.
be casual, just leave your messages on the table. but be sure to exit within five seconds of that.


Horse's Mouth

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