Lay Low

>>Incoming Message…Dropzone Receiving…Accessing MARCH.5.2070
>Hey crew, good work on the last job. We pulled the trigger a little too soon with the undesirable being geeked, but no worries—he was an arms dealer, how good could he have been?
Regardless, please lay low for the next little while, Lone Star is searching around for the criminal scum responsible and I prefer if they did not catch us.
I’m doing to be hanging out on the docks around Everett for a while with Travis and his Ski Gang learning the ropes on nautical enthusiasm while I get my watercraft and transporter licenses. My boat and the gear should be showing up in the next month or so.
Good news about the van fund, we have 4,600¥. Just 39,000¥ to go!
Oh, and Sakura Fujiwara “Mongol” come by and pick up your grenade thingy.
Keep in contact through the dropzone and don’t go blank on me.
>Akiyama Jin/Sasurche Otoko “Michi”



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