Shootout in the Docks 2070

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Well onlookers March has arrived, and with it comes a whole plethora of interesting tidbits I might share with you. Where to begin?
First Check this link: INN-bf_next&list=SL&index=19
[…a small firefight broke out in Everett yesterday leaving the North County Yacht club a battleground. A number of individuals were killed and a boat was stolen. Reasons for the fight are unknown, but a significant supply of illicit firearms was found on the scene. Police are investigating the matter and believe it can be traced to Seattle shipping interests. Sources indicate the group may have been the infamous vampire Vincent Ng’s gang, “The Breakers”. An Ork found on the scene was identified as William Handel a known gunrunner. An unmarked van was also found, rigged with explosives. Police were thankfully able disarm the charges.
In other news the problem of the homeless in Everett has reached a new head, as bands of roving ghouls have been reported in various areas inhabited by the indigent. Everett Mayor Samantha Tillian denied claims that Everett would become the next Redmond, and claimed the blatant kidnappings where a tragic but isolated incident. Coming up, an interview with a man who was nearly abducted by ghouls saved by unidentified vigilantes…]
You remember when I mentioned the stilettos getting those shipments diverted? This is part of that, my sources corroborate it. Turns out some of those shipments where duds, got a whole crew of Stilettos gacked. Anyway somebody must’ve hired some runners to deal with the problem. There were high caliber shells in a sniper position nearby and the security system showed major signs of being hacked; lots of missing data and the usual traces.
I think it’s a little convenient that the shipments going to the Stilettos got corrupted that way, especially since whatever they’re dealing with in Glow City Central appeared around the same time as Ares pulled their little stunt.
On an unrelated note, you recall that serial killer I mentioned? More bodies showing up in the barrens, one was secreted away in a Shinto temple, somebody tried to exercise the place and found it. Watch your backs out there onlookers, there’s one more person out to get you.



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