Akiyama Jin/Sasurche Otoko "Michi"

Shinto Magician Punk



ArrowYou may notice my aversion to seeing death.
ArrowI am traditional
ArrowI hang around with less than friendly free spirits


Arrow“That crazy omai crossed swords with some wack off near Glow City. Been in heavy care for a while.”
Arrow“Some rumours are about that he was the leader behind the Snohomish prison break.”
Arrow“Michi went and moved from Redmond into Bellevue. Lives in a nice place now, but rumour is that his old place is tweaked out from all the haunted stuff that has been happening there.”

Name: Akiyama Jin
Fake SIN name: Sasurche Otoko
Handle: Michi
Metatype: Human
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 186cm
Weight: 75kg
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Birthdate: February 11th 2047
Birthplace: Manhattan Sprawl, UCAS
Emergency Contact: n/a
Licenses: Arms License (Katana), Ground Vehicle License (Motorbike)
Function: Face, Mage
Occupation: Mage for hire; Runner
Known Affiliations: Kage-Kitsune, Anger, Everett Ski Gang, Yakuza


>>Incoming message FEBRUARY.4.2070
>Michi was in Manhattan before the Crash 2.0. His dad is a Renraku man. After the Crash his family went to Japan to relocate to Neotokyo. Renraku was even able to get Michi’s mother a Renraku citizenship. After that his mum died, but not before sending him to a Shinto temple. His info is nonexistent from then until a plane ride to Seattle. I want him dead.

>>incoming data…accessing information…accepted request//A-6// MARCH.8.2070
After analyzing visual data after the encounter at [REDACTED] Yacht Club in Northern Everett similar Class A Spirit present as the Alexander Incident. Spirit has been connected to A-6 Michi. The subject was seen entering a Shinto Temple in the evening of March 2 2070. The temple was highly concealed. He exited the grounds an hour later. Subsequent movement following the subject detected by drone proved inconclusive. He has increased his movement in and around Everett with the Ski Gang [REDACTED]. Shipping channels reveal purchased equipment and license requests suitable for transporting//SMUGGLING// intentions.

Akiyama Jin/Sasurche Otoko "Michi"

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