J.D. - Blake Sullivan


Name: Unknown
Fake SIN name: Blake Sullivan
Handle: John Doe a.k.a. J.D.
Age: Unkonwn
Sex: Male
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Emergency Contact: n/a
Occupation: Unknown

Not a lot on me really.
No money, no SIN, no memory.
Why is also lost on me.

The only thing I have at my disposal are my head for hacking and cracking, knack for havoc wrecking, and the eye of a cybertechie.


When asked to describe him, has repeatedly been recalled as,
“that bland looking guy,” “can’t really remember,” or most typically, “uh……”

Great runner and avid parkourist.

enjoys occasional “walk on the beach”.

known to leave behind tags, in varying forms:
Exhibit (A): graffiti [70 × 30 cm]

Tilt final

J.D. - Blake Sullivan

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