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Well onlookers March has arrived, and with it comes a whole plethora of interesting tidbits I might share with you. Where to begin?
First Check this link: INN-bf_next&list=SL&index=19
[…a small firefight broke out in Everett yesterday leaving the North County Yacht club a battleground. A number of individuals were killed and a boat was stolen. Reasons for the fight are unknown, but a significant supply of illicit firearms was found on the scene. Police are investigating the matter and believe it can be traced to Seattle shipping interests. Sources indicate the group may have been the infamous vampire Vincent Ng’s gang, “The Breakers”. An Ork found on the scene was identified as William Handel a known gunrunner. An unmarked van was also found, rigged with explosives. Police were thankfully able disarm the charges.
In other news the problem of the homeless in Everett has reached a new head, as bands of roving ghouls have been reported in various areas inhabited by the indigent. Everett Mayor Samantha Tillian denied claims that Everett would become the next Redmond, and claimed the blatant kidnappings where a tragic but isolated incident. Coming up, an interview with a man who was nearly abducted by ghouls saved by unidentified vigilantes…]
You remember when I mentioned the stilettos getting those shipments diverted? This is part of that, my sources corroborate it. Turns out some of those shipments where duds, got a whole crew of Stilettos gacked. Anyway somebody must’ve hired some runners to deal with the problem. There were high caliber shells in a sniper position nearby and the security system showed major signs of being hacked; lots of missing data and the usual traces.
I think it’s a little convenient that the shipments going to the Stilettos got corrupted that way, especially since whatever they’re dealing with in Glow City Central appeared around the same time as Ares pulled their little stunt.
On an unrelated note, you recall that serial killer I mentioned? More bodies showing up in the barrens, one was secreted away in a Shinto temple, somebody tried to exercise the place and found it. Watch your backs out there onlookers, there’s one more person out to get you.

Get That Cat

>>sending message ……….. recipient:curio ……… sending ……… terminal:temp.27.jd …………… sent.

It’s a world where not a lot of things are to be trusted, where data and information are too easily corruptible and essentially rendered untrustworthy. So I need you to listen carefully when i ask my question:

Looking. For. Something.

There need not be any duplicity. I have certain information and confirmations of the said information that you are looking for. You may be of great use to me. Give and Take. Simple as that.

Reputation goes a long way in a world where nothing is certain. And few fact-checks can benefit someone with your line of work a great deal. I’m sure you are aware of it.

But let us see if you are up for it.

Drop me a line with a heading, curio is curious, if you are interested.


This Yacht

>>Incoming Message
>Hey team, I was thinking of taking the Yacht from the gun runners and use it for our own purposes. I’ve met some guys around the pier and could probably dig up a good spot for keeping it as long as we can keep the creds rolling in. Good work with the ghouls (Oil should lie down though). Keep me updated.

From: Track(2)
Subject: Work

Well, looks like you gentleman are in luck, I’ve got a Mrs. Johnson for you, meeting is Wednesday, Fish Place called “Freddie’s” downtown. I’ve trusted this woman with my life more than a few times, so I think you’re in good hands. Again my apologies for the debacle with Hillary. In any case, as is usual with experienced Johnson’s my finders fee has already been taken care of. The place is downtown, so make sure you’ve got you’re licenses and sins in order. I can vouch for Freddie’s, the odds of any violence going down their are pretty low. Also a good chance to get in good, its a seafood resaturent that happens to be a front for one of the premiere shadow clinics in Seattle.

Early Warning
Continued From Curio

…last week, couple runners got hired to jump an armored car in the Barrens. These guys are new in town but sure enough they manage to knock the car over, even though it’s got lots of security. It turns out to have been a set up. Johnson was a sub A corp Ceo, for “Alexander Industries” a security group that operates in the Barrens. I know I mentioned these guys before, mostly ex runners who’ve screwed up too big to be in biz anymore. They have some competent fighters, but they’re small time. Anywho, the runners in question went after him, even though he went to ground, right at his headquarters. Casualty reports at the sight list six dead two missing, including Hillary, also a HMG turret got stolen, if you can believe it.
Anyway, to get back to my earlier point, Hillary was augmenting Ares security in the barrens after that whole debacle with the gangs. Reports have come out that his finances where shit, Alexander was going under without that contract and it looked like Ares was ready to drop him. So he hired some, supposedly, low level talent to make his men look necessary. Looks like it backfired though. You might think from those reports that those runners ran off with him, but my source in Ares has him being brought in for interrogation, and vanished. I’ve done some digging, and similar measures have been taken by a lot corps that operate in the barrens. I’ve even heard of some gangs getting contracted as extra security. The Crush where hauling big cash on temporary security until recently. The only question is why did they all need the extra security in the first place, and why did they stop needing it so suddenly. I get back to you on that. Bastards finally got my coffee, so I’m out.

From: Track
Subject: You got a job

I’ll keep it short. Yesterday I was contacted by a friend of mine who does some arms trade in the Barrens. A certain Gentlemen is looking to hire himself some Shadowrunners and you’re the group I’ve got in mind.
I’m going to be totally honest here.
I don’t know this man, I can’t entirely vouch for him, I have not done business with him before and I don’t know anyone who has. I Can’t be certain this Johnson is wholly on the level, these low level guys who take whatever team they can get are always a little shaky, were I you I’d watch my ass.
If you accept I’ll set up the meeting, preferably by Tuesday. The place he wants to meet is a real dump called “Carmen’s” its in the barrens, just outside the Plastic Jungles. Not “officially” any group’s territory so it tends to be both a meeting place and a killing field. Weapons are not optional.
Anyways, fee is my standard 10%, I’m always available for consultation just remember you’ll owe me one.
Luck and all that


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