Dropzone - under construction

Access ID: 18.TBD.JD

A lone street of 20 meters, with each ends fading into darkness. The front of a closed cafe is the only discernable feature of the street, except for a lone lit street lamp as the sole source of light. There is a round patio table and two chairs outside the cafe.

Off to the side, a mailbox stands, simply and rather flimsily concealed and protected by a firewall. The mailbox contains few pieces of messages and information. The contents are unimportant. And rather have the ostentation of importance; few pieces of false data and identity.

Once someone accesses the mailbox, the admin will be alerted.
Everything the intruder is doing will be recorded. Auto-trace is in place.
The node will terminate itself on command from the administrator.

The “guest” will be assigned a randomly generated passkey that will grant them access to the node as well as render the IC and protective measures passive.
If multiple presence is detected, the passkey will be deactivated and the IC will be alerted.

After the drop-off, the guests will be given five seconds to leave the node. Once the time passes the guests’ passkeys will be deactivated and the IC will be alerted.
Post drop-off, those with Admin and Security accesses will be notified for a pick up.
Once the IC is alerted, those with Security and Admic accesses will be notified.

Post drop-off, the item/message dropped-off is catalogued and filed according to the guest’ persona.
Once the drop-off is complete, the node resets itself and prepares for the next drop-off.

From the depth of the darkness, two cameras record the personas and details corresponding to the access by the guests. These data are sent back to those with Admin and Security accesses.
The visual feed is also sent to those with proper clearance.

The table becomes the folder where all the drop-offs are to happen.

User Access Rights: guests
Security Access Rights: Michi / Mongol / Oil
Admin Access Rights: J.D.

Dropzone - under construction

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