In Glow City

From Track, to Michi's Crew

Right, well I looked into that thing you encountered out in the Barrens Michi. I talked to a few people I know, and the astral signature you described is pretty unique. You may have heard rumors and conspiracy theories, but I think you’re dealing with the genuine article. Colloquially they’re called Cyberzombies, basically people with too much chrome who are kept alive by some rather sick mojo. I know one runner who tussled with one back in 63, in a raid against an Aztechnology clinic.He came out worse for wear, and lost two of his buddies to boot. They did kill it in the end though, so at least they’re not immortal. Anyway according to what I’ve read they require constant administration of medicine to maintain anything like a human outlook. I can’t believe that somebody let one of these things off its leash, as far as I can tell most of the ones that exist are purely experimental. What you described, and what I see in your recordings, is pretty much par for the course. They’re really tough, against magic and weapons, and his chrome bits are fairly high end. Anyway I’ll keep looking into whose problem this thing was originally, but my money’s got to be on Ares, what with their interest in the Barrens lately.

Anyway, if your still up for work after a drek run like that, Mr Johnson would like to meet you at an obscure little bar Downtown called Juan’s. You have to watch yourself around these Aztlaner Elites, but this one is alright I vouch for him.



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