Massacre in Glow City

What They Don't Want You to Know

Right watchers, your old chummer Curio has got the goods this week. Just yesterday your average everyday Seattle news outlets ignored a rather substantial piece of info. Some really glitchy shit went down in Glow City yesterday, and I know of spoke on this before but this some weird shit. Some group has a tussle with something beyond chromed is my best guess. A group of Ares Firewatch commandos was sent into one of the liminal zones around glow city, without permission from any government agency I might add, to clean up a mass deletion. I happen to have a source on the inside footing me some info. Looks like a whole mess of Yaks got kicked, looks like about 17 in total. A lot of them fell to their deaths, but at least five had been stabbed repeatedly. What was really weird though is the way they were found. The bodies were strewn around, almost ritually, and a lot of them had been mutilated. A few mages spent about 12 hours decontaminating the place. This has got to be it watchers. There are signs a firefight int his area, including a blown up van and more than a few bullet marks. Weirder still, these yaks tats and ids and the like don’t match any of the local associations, so they must be fresh off the boat. You can bet I’ll keep my eyes on this one for you.



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